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Jerry Bingham's Illustration Store

Original Comic Book art sale.

Roll over any image for pricing. Click on any product below to view details.

To make a purchase, or if you have questions regarding the sale of anything here, you may contact me directly, at

*Special sale: For a limited time, aside from shipping/packaging costs, all items discounted (as shown) and ALL PROCEEDS from the sale of items on this page will go directly to charity organizations involved in disaster relief.       —Thanks, Jerry



*Black borders on the art are here for display purposes only.

*Unless otherwise stated, all items are one of a kind and all sales are final and at the discretion of the seller. Prices displayed are in USD (Paypal accepted). Items will include an additional shipping & packaging fee of $25 UPS Ground (or similar)(International sales to be calculated). All shipments to be made in a timely manner.


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