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Limited edition, full-size 12x9”, canvas Giclee reproductions are now available. This high quality edition will be signed by the artist and numbered to 500.

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For inquiries and order information on “South by Southwest,” email Jerry at: 
"South by Southwest"

                   original: oil on masonite 12x9"


Following the U.S. Civil War,  veterans, North and South, migrated west for many disparate reasons. Some, who remained in the military, were restationed to western outposts across the Territories, from Wyoming to the Mexican border, where their experience was seen as an asset to those armies contending with "Native issues." Many from the old South, simply found themselves displaced by the war. Family and friends gone, farms destroyed, no war left to fight.


In South by Southwest, I envision an aging Confederate soldier who has wandered in search of peace for himself, looking for a place to spend his latter days, and finding a new landscape in Arizona.


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